. click . touch .
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No coding or scripting skills needed!
Create the workflow YOU want.


1920×1080 pixels in size, 192 assignable buttons x 18 pages, 16 faders, 4 XY-pads and many more…


1920×420 pixels in size, 48 assignable buttons x 18 pages, 16 faders, 2 XY-pads and many more…


10 faders for morphing up to 8 parameters at the same time, snapshots buttons, randomizers…

windows or OSX

Are you using Windows, Mac or maybe both depending on where you have to work? No problem, our plugins work on both operating systems so no matter what the circumstances are, you can always use our VST®s and be productive.

Starting with Windows 7 Microsoft® is natively supporting multi-touch functionality for wide range of touch screens. Apple computers might require a separate 3rd-party drivers to enable multi-touch for OSX. Please check with the touch screen manufacturer if custom drivers are provided for particular operating system.


easy to use

FINALLY there is No need to learn any scripting language

Our goal was to create a tool that is easy to use for everyone. With just a few clicks or taps you will be able to assign any available command to any button. We took care about the scripting, debugging, compiling and all that boring stuff keeping you from what you really want to do – making music!

USE what you have

use your computer mouse or a dedicated touch screen

Although our plugins are made for modern touch screens you can still use a regular mouse to operate them. Since they are in a regular VST® format there will be saved and recalled with your Cubase/Nuendo session like any other plugins. We like to keep things simple but still powerful.

excellent support

1-to-1 customer support
for existing users

For a boutique company like 14bitMIDI customer satisfaction is a priority. Every user is encouraged to contact us whenever there is an issue of any kind. We are happy to help with the setup process, we are open for suggestions and ideas and we are always happy to learn more about our customers.


“I hope that 14bitMIDI products will improve your workflow immensely. Working with CUBASE® or NUENDO® will be even more intuitive and productive.” – Karol Obara – 14bitMIDI