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Midi sliders having trouble remembering CC assignments


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Hi Karol! 🙂 Thanks for the amazing software Sherlock is. Currently building my setup, and I want to use the cc sliders for controlling my orchestra. I've set up the cc slider to my taste, and saved the page that I want the sliders to be in. I also saved the vstpreset and made sure save was on when quitting cubase. When opening up the session now the CC sliders are back to their default assignments, not my custom ones.


This is in Cubase 11 so I figure it might have something to do with that? 😉 

But if you have some voodoo tricks I don't know about that would be awesome! 😀


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Hi Tormod,

thank you for the comment. I did few tests on Cubase 10.5, Cubase 11 and Nuendo 11 and it seems all is working OK here. The CC numbers are being recalled when I save the Page and after saving the vstpreset and reopening the session they still show up as intended. We should get in touch to see what might be different on your end but I am sure it will be something we can fix easily. Since I can't reproduce that behavior here I really can't think of any other "trick" you might use ;).

Here is the screen capture with MIDI-OX on to see them working as they should.

I will contact you over FB to see what we can do on your end!





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