SHERLOCK & WATSON are VST plugins in form of a VST Instrument and can be loaded into your session like any other virtual instrument. They will not create any sounds since they deal with MIDI data only and their purpose is to trigger and control commands and some other parameters in your DAW (CUBASE / NUENDO).

SHERLOCK and WATSON are almost alike, they differ in the size of the GUI, in the number of buttons they use and some other minor features.

Since this is a plugin and not a 3rd-party software running next to your DAW, it will be saved and loaded with your session. Once installed properly, all you need to do in order to use it is just load SHERLOCK/WATSON from your list of available VST Instruments and set it up to your liking (and although very easy, this is also a very addictive part of the process – you have been warned!). 

For the in-depth installation guidelines please refer to the “INSTALLATION” document that is a part of the download and will guide you through the entire task depending on the operating system you currently use. 

MORPHEUS consists of 10 sliders and some buttons and does not trigger any special DAW commands. It controls parameters of other virtual instruments, mixer or anything responding to incoming MIDI CC’s. MORPHEUS uses some editable presets to morph between the minimum and maximum values. It also uses randomization for some unexpected results. Great tool for sound design and to make your soft synths constantly change parameters. You decide how far and crazy you want to go with it!

No, you don’t.

All you need to use and customize the SHERLOCK buttons assignments is already there, built into the plugin and waiting for you to set it up.

One of my main goals and concerns while working on this software was the ease of use. Not every composer or producer wants to become a programmer just to be able to assign few commands to existing buttons. In my opinion only few clicks should be plenty enough to finish this simple task.

That is why I have created a system with a very long list of already available commands selectable by the user with literally 4 clicks or taps on the screen.

SHERLOCK/WATSON operates in two modes: PLAY MODE and EDIT MODE. You switch between them with one button and depending on the mode selected, you either edit your buttons assignments, colors, font size, copy/paste buttons, rename the commands etc. or use the buttons to trigger some actions. Learning how to create your first presets shouldn’t take you more than few minutes.

To prepare your custom PNG files for use as pictures on the buttons might need some external graphics editor but this is considered an advance feature of SHERLOCK/WATSON, for simple button assignment and some color tweaking everything is already there.

Yes, of course!

You can set everything the way you need and save the whole state of a plugin as a .vstpreset like it is the case with any other VST plugin. You can create one big template for any occasion or you can create custom presets for every project you work on. This is all up to you!

Actually any touch-screen available on the market will work with our plugins. Just make sure your operating system is supporting touch input and the screen manufacturer is providing drivers for it. On Windows there is native support for touch monitors since Windows 7. For Apple computers dedicated drivers are needed.

The size of the screen is an important factor too. In my opinion at least 21″ screen should be used to be able to read text without any problems. Of course it also depends on how far from the screen user sits but as a general rule everything above 21″ should be fine for most users, anything smaller than 21″ and the text might appear too small.

Multi-touch is fine but not necessary. Most of the time it is all about touching buttons so 1-point touch will be totally fine.

Even a regular mouse and a computer monitor without touch input will work with our products just fine. Try for yourself!


MORPHEUS is a VST plugin so any DAW supporting the VST format can host it. Download the free DEMO version and try for yourself!

CUBASE version 8 – 10.5

NUENDO version 7 – 10

Earlier version will work too but are not actively supported by our team anymore.

Nope! Shame on you for even thinking about it 🙂
It will hopefully make the process easier and more fun though.


“I hope that 14bitMIDI products will improve your workflow immensely. Working with CUBASE® or NUENDO® will be even more intuitive and productive.” – Karol Obara – 14bitMIDI