SHERLOCK is a VST plugin originally built for CUBASE® and NUENDO®.

It can be loaded into your DAW session like any other virtual instrument, you can save presets and it will automatically load with your session.

  • Every command available in CUBASE®/NUENDO® is already available in the Menu and with each DAW update new commands are being added soon after the official release
  • Supports CUBASE® ver. 8-10.5 and NUENDO® ver. 7-10
  • Beside the built-in DAW commands there are many special commands added by 14bitMIDI – generic MIDI events, custom Logical Editors, custom Project Logical Editors, 256 empty LEs, PLEs and MACROS to be populated by the user
  • From a list of over 3000 commands with only few clicks/taps you decide what will the 192 buttons do!
  • No need for any coding or scripting – just assign a command to an empty button and save – done!
  • User can tweak the look of a button and even add own PNG files if needed
  • 16 CC faders for controlling Quick Controls or any other parameter reacting to incoming CC data
  • 4 XY-Pads
  • Unique TRACKSLIDER and TIMESLIDER function
  • 18 PAGES with 192 buttons on each PAGE
  • 20 SPOTS and  20 SELECTIONS
  • Dynamic button assignment depending on the selected track
  • Supports multi-touch


Dynamic button assignment

We can use this great feature already since version 1.3. In short, user can decide how many buttons and what commands will be displayed every time a particular track (actually a track name to be exact) is selected. This feature has nothing to do with the 18 available Pages and is just something special for all the people that need even more flexibility in their workflow. Please refer to the User Manual (the “Advanced Functions” section) for the step-by-step explanation of the process or check the dedicated video for better understanding of the process.


external control

Plugin developers can decide which parameters can be automatable and which don’t. Thanks to the Generic Remote feature in Cubase/Nuendo we can use any MIDI equipped keyboard, pedal board, mobile app, tablet etc. to control parameters of a plugin or VST instrument. In case of SHERLOCK we can externally control/trigger:

  • – all 16 CC# sliders
  • – 18 Pages buttons
  • – 20 Spot buttons
  • – 20 Selection buttons
  • – 8 Macro buttons
  • – the XTRA button
  • – all the 192 buttons

Our YouTube channel

We will make sure that all the functions of SHERLOCK will be explained as short video clips and published on our YouTube channel for all current and future users. We understand that reading PDF manuals is not the coolest thing to do nowadays and a short video might be as helpful as pages of text. Keep an eye on this space, subscribe on YouTube and for now, enjoy the fine selection of Kurzgesagt videos.


“I hope that 14bitMIDI products will improve your workflow immensely. Working with CUBASE® or NUENDO® will be even more intuitive and productive.” – Karol Obara – 14bitMIDI