My name is Karol Obara and I work mainly as a composer and sound designer for Film and TV. I was in need for a tool to help my workflow while working on tight deadlines. Nothing that was available at that time made me happy so I decided to create something new from scratch. “It won’t take too long” – I thought. Well, as it turns out, sometimes to be naive is a real blessing.

First drafts were rather poor in features and quite ugly to look at but that was enough for me to get me going. In between my composition projects first plugins slowly matured and were constantly tweaked. Finally in 2016 14bitMIDI was officially born and launched first few custom products, mainly for composer friends and colleagues. Very valuable user feedback and some new ideas helped improving and shaping today’s products. As of 2019 there are 3 finished plugins that I have developed over the last 3 years and another 2 “proofs of concept” that will need some more time to be finished.




“I hope that 14bitMIDI products will improve your workflow immensely. Working with CUBASE® or NUENDO® will be even more intuitive and productive.” – Karol Obara – 14bitMIDI